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Raincross Nightlight

 $20-From the company who brought you the Raincross Doorbell and Christmas Ornament, we now proudly present our Night Light, made of the same high quality brass and copper. 

Each night light is made by hand from 1/8" hammered metal and mounted with beautiful art glass from some of the finest art glass makers in the country. You may choose from traditional switched as pictured above, or one that senses the need and comes on in the dark. You may also choose the color of art glass  to match your individual taste and decor. Want something other than Copper or Brass? We can do an antique Pewter or Bronze as well using a specialized metal coating.These, or course take a little longer (and you guessed it, cost a bit more!) but we know you're worth it! 

Raincross Keychains & Zipper Pulls

 $8 - Keychains to promote your love of Riverside! Specify color of wood and whether it is used as a keychain or backpack zipper pull. 

Raincross Decals

 $11 - These white vinyl Raincross decals are 4" square and perfect for your car, window or anywhere you want to display your Riverside Pride! 

Raincross Wine Stoppers

 $18 - Made from exotic hardwoods and virgin cork, these Wine Stops can be used in a variety of bottles, even Balsamic Vinegar, and Olive Oil Decanters. The inlaid Raincross  is done in crushed turquoise, crushed obsidian, and crushed red coral, per your request. The handpainted Raincross  is beautiful in its own right and can even be done with gold and/or copper leaf. Please specify preferences when ordering.  Not a fan of the Raincross? We can make practically any design as long as you purchase a minimum of 8 wine corks at a time.

Raincross Necklace

 $24 - Raincross Necklace- Made from 20oz Copper or Brass,  this necklace is the perfect expression of your Riverside Pride and complements any outfit. Finished with high-quality lacquer, this hand-finished necklace with the free-swinging bell will maintain its beautiful, hand-hammered and heat-patinaed finish indefinitely. The raincross is approximately 3/4" in size and is hammered and shaped to give a dimensional look.

Raincross Ornaments

 $19 - These ornaments are made from solid copper and brass and feature the iconic Riverside Raincross. They have sturdy wire hangers and are coated with a high-grade clear lacquer. Because of the individual patina process, each one is a unique piece of art you will want to pass down from generation to generation.