About the Artist

Who's Who in the Zoo

 A native of Riverside, Kevin has had a fascination with the iconic symbol of Riverside, the Raincross. Beginning with slightly successful attempts to recreate it in cement, Kevin soon discovered making  them out of wood was infinitely easier and more satisfying! But what wood captures the strength and rustic sense of the Raincross? Kevin settled on African Wenge (WHEN-ghay), which unfortunately is one of the most expensive hardwoods and has the hardness of steel! Today, he uses a variety of  hardwoods to match almost any decor. Each lamp is individually cut from solid 1-1/2” hardwood and drilled and plugged to encapsulate the wiring. The socket assembly is handmade from brass or copper and utilizes a porcelain socket for durability and in keeping with the vintage styling. 

Our Medium

 Kevin works in copper, brass and hardwoods. His work is featured at the Riverside Mission Inn Museum, Made, Inc. (a local consortium of Riverside artists),  as well as online at this site. 

Our Passion

 Fully committed to glorifying God through his art, Kevin is passionate about finding the beauty in God’s creation and bringing form and function to it. Whether it is through wood work, metalsmithing or capturing a moment through the photographic process, he remains committed to his motto:

                “Soli Deo Gloria!” – To God alone be the glory!